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  • Ceramic Stacking Cactus Shot Glass With Salt Shaker

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    Item # 5700

    One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor? Not if you use this pair of cactus shot glasses and salt shaker. Grab a shooting buddy and some limes, because these shot glasses are best used with a friend. Ole!

    • Includes 2 shot glasses & 1 salt shaker
    • Made of ceramic
    • Perfect for tequila
    • Makes a great gift
  • Adventure Enamel Pint by Foster & Rye

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    Item # 4475

    Choose a challenging trail, lace up your hiking boots and pick an easily pack-able pint glass as your partner in crime. Durable white enamel with a speckling of black creates a powerful coating over the stainless steel structure, adding a heat resistant layer to this already cool cup.

    • Enamel coated steel
    • Holds 12 oz
    • Makes a great gift
    • A walk on the wild side.

  • Ceramic Stein by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 4458

    Make beer, not war—because you can’t very well fill a stein up with war. This big, beer-ready drinking vessel is built of sturdy white ceramic and printed with a retro stylized graphic incorporating stars, stripes and good old-fashioned suds.

    • Holds 12 oz
    • Ceramic
    • Mugs, not drugs

3 Item(s)