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  • Survival Book 5 oz Sneaky Flask by Foster & Rye

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    Item # 4654

    This is one book that doesn't require glasses - unless you plan to pour a round for the rest of us. Bound between an illustrated hardcover backing, this survival guide supplies you with a cleverly hidden booze-ready flask, tucked secretly between the purely decorative pages. So pack light, because you have everything you need to brave the wild outdoors.

    • Includes stainless steel flask
    • Holds 5 oz
    • Set into real pages for ultimate stealth
    • Makes a great gift
    • Cover your flask.

  • Travel Flask Set

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    Item # 3873

    Strap on those hiking boots and conjure up your taste for adventure with our camping-friendly travel flask. Faux leather encompasses smooth stainless steel, made complete with the addition of two 1.5 ounce shot glasses - the perfect excuse for friends and family to partake. Whether you're trekking through the urban jungle or hoofing it through the great outdoors, this is one travel companion you'll want to tag along.

    • Holds 8 oz
    • Includes flask & two 1.5 oz shot glasses
    • Stainless steel & faux leather

  • Stainless Steel Gas Can Flask by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 3871

    Gas prices might get low, but your spirits don't have to be! Get the fun times going with our gas can flask, the automatic gateway to a guaranteed good night. Molded from stainless steel and equipped to hold 5 ounces of your favorite fluid, it's certain to provide the fuel you need, regardless of the function or affair.

    • Holds 5 oz
    • Stainless steel
    • Get tanked.

  • American Flag Flask

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    Item # 3083

    This is America, and we drink American - so fill the American Flag Flask up with some down-home distillate and show your true colors. With Old Glory in your pocket, every day is Independence Day.

    • Accommodates 6 oz comfortably
    • Stainless steel construction
    • One word: America
    • Includes funnel
    • Makes a great gift

4 Item(s)