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  • Beechwood Axe Bottle Opener

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    Item # 5706

    Every good lumberjack knows it's important to stop the chop to pop a bottle or two. A sturdy handle and easy to use opener make our axe bottle opener the perfect tool to chop any cap off a cold one. Timber!

    • Made of beech wood and stainless steel
    • Opens bottles with ease
    • For those random axe of kindness
  • Beer Tasting Field Notebook by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 3877

    Put your ale experiences in writing with our Beer Tasting Field Notebook, and become the beer connoisseur you were always meant to be. Bound in durable Kraft paper and fashioned in-house by our talented team of designers, this 48-page drink diary includes sections to notate type, flavor and rating, allowing you to continue consuming the best, and only the best, of your favorite brews.

    • 48 pages
    • Sections to notate type, flavor, rating, etc.
    • Dimensions: 6.5 x 4 in
    • Makes a great gift
    • Drink beer, take notes.

  • Wall Mounted Bear Cast Iron Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 4471

    Watch out - our wall-mounted grizzly bear bottle opener is awake from hibernation and hungry for beer. Keep this cast iron trophy attached to a wall nearby with jaws bared and ready for bottle caps.

    • Beer necessities included: bottle opener and mounting kit
    • Feed the bear to open the bottle
    • Rustic black bear finish
    • Cast iron construction
    • Makes a great gift

  • Lucky Shoe Cast Iron Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 3497 bulk

    Good luck and good beer will flow freely thanks to this cast iron horseshoe. Mounted indoors or out, it is the fastest top-popper in the west.

    • Durable cast iron construction
    • Includes bottle opener and mounting hardware
    • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
    • Rustic horseshoe design
    • Makes a great gift

4 Item(s)