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  • Army Man Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 4459

    Dodge the draft. Go for a bottle instead. Our army-inspired bottle opener is ready to battle caps at a minute's notice - just brace his rifle under the cap's edge and leverage him to pop tops on the double, soldier.

    • The ultimate big kid drinking companion
    • Ready to battle any beer cap
    • Zinc alloy construction
    • Army green finish
    • Makes a great gift

  • Bolted Bottle Opener

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    Item # 4068

    With a handmade aesthetic and no-nonsense functionality, the bolted bottle opener is characteristic of good old-fashioned American design. A sturdy wood handle and solid metal bolt work together to pop the caps off craft and home brews alike, hanging up when not in use.

    • Removes caps with ease
    • Beech wood handle
    • Metal bolt and screw
    • Hangs when not in use
    • Makes a great gift

  • Bullet Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 3876

    Choose a bottle opener that's of a higher caliber than most. A burnished copper projectile with an equally polished gold casing simulates the size and impressive shape of a 50 caliber bullet, built tough to break open any brew of your choosing.

    • Zinc alloy
    • Copper and gold plated finish
    • Pop any cap with deadly accuracy!

  • Cast Iron Fish Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 3874

    Fashioned from heavy cast iron and refined with a burnished finish, our fish bottle opener is a formidable force against beer caps and bottles alike. Grab this gill-bearing guppy for on the go tomfoolery or at-home festivities. Because really, what better way to get sloshed?

    • Cast iron
    • Polished finish
    • Drink like a fish

  • Plumber's Wrench Cast Iron Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

    Regular Price:

    Item # 3865

    This is absolutely the right wrench for the job - assuming the job is drinking, which it so often seems to be, doesn't it? This cast iron impostor masquerades as an adjustable plumber's wrench but in fact serves as an ingenious bottle opener. Spend enough time walking around with it and you can probably convince your neighbors that you're busy doing something useful.

    • Adjustable plumbers wrench design
    • Durable cast iron construction
    • Antiqued or frequently used finish
    • They'll never know you're not actually working
    • Makes a great gift

  • Pistol Cast Iron Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 3861

    Our pistol bottle opener is ready to pop the cap off the first brew crazy enough to stand in its way. And with not just one but two bottle-opening access points, can you think of any reason not to crack another bottle? Ah, we thought not.

    • Cast iron construction
    • Polished finish
    • Two opening points
    • Makes a great gift
    • No, this is not a weapon

  • Stag Acacia Wood Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

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    Item # 3856

    For sipping with friends or swigging solo, our rugged wood-handled stag bottle opener boasts carbon steel antlers and a flat church key base to make brisk work of caps and cans respectively. Going stag doesn't sound so bad anymore, does it?.

    • Rustic stag design
    • Riveted wood handle
    • Carbon steel church key
    • Removes bottle caps and opens cans
    • Makes a great gift

7 Item(s)