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  • Army Man Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

    Regular Price:

    Item # 4459

    Dodge the draft. Go for a bottle instead. Our army-inspired bottle opener is ready to battle caps at a minute's notice - just brace his rifle under the cap's edge and leverage him to pop tops on the double, soldier.

    • The ultimate big kid drinking companion
    • Ready to battle any beer cap
    • Zinc alloy construction
    • Army green finish
    • Makes a great gift

  • Bullet Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

    Regular Price:

    Item # 3876

    Choose a bottle opener that's of a higher caliber than most. A burnished copper projectile with an equally polished gold casing simulates the size and impressive shape of a 50 caliber bullet, built tough to break open any brew of your choosing.

    • Zinc alloy
    • Copper and gold plated finish
    • Pop any cap with deadly accuracy!

  • Pistol Cast Iron Bottle Opener by Foster and Rye

    Regular Price:

    Item # 3861

    Our pistol bottle opener is ready to pop the cap off the first brew crazy enough to stand in its way. And with not just one but two bottle-opening access points, can you think of any reason not to crack another bottle? Ah, we thought not.

    • Cast iron construction
    • Polished finish
    • Two opening points
    • Makes a great gift
    • No, this is not a weapon

  • Camo Stainless Steel Corkscrew by Foster and Rye

    Regular Price:

    Item # 3521

    If you are hunting for good wine, you need a good opener. This high-powered camouflage corkscrew is made from stainless steel and packs a non-stick worm and built-in foil cutter.

    • Stainless steel
    • Single-hinged
    • Serrated foil cutter
    • 5-turn non-stick worm
    • Makes a great gift

  • Camoflauge Flask

    Regular Price:

    Item # 3430

    If you are on the hunt for a good time, this flask is for you. Made from stainless steel, it holds 6 ounces of your favorite high-powered beverage.

    • Accommodates 6 oz comfortably
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Whimsical camo finish
    • Includes funnel
    • Makes a great gift

5 Item(s)